Cigarettes: Cow pie marketing

By Dr. Warren Willey
For the Journal

Whom would you consider to be one of the best marketers and marketing industries out there? Let me reword that: if I could give a nice fresh cow pie  to a company that would add such twists and slants to what it actually is and what it could potentially do, could they sell it to about anyone who heard the advertisement for it? 

Some of you are starting to envision a few companies and/or industries that could fill this role. Let me add one more caveat in their salesmanship: they particularly market to kids and teenagers. Now do you know who I’m talking about? It’s the tobacco industry.  They literally could take a cow pie and convince you that it was not only harmless, but good for you. 

Did you know big tobacco owns a large share of the food industry? This would include Nabisco, Kraft, General Foods, and others. Big tobacco’s incredible marketing ploys have not changed over the years: they’re just using them now with substances they call “food”. They market things that are not only not good for you but that have been proven in scientific study after scientific study to be dangerous and to cause health problems. Worse yet, they market directly to our kids and then tell us this foodstuff is part of a “healthy and nutritious meal”. 

Don’t fall for it anymore.  You cannot rely on these companies having your best interests or your health in mind, just as you cannot trust the government and their recommendations, as they, too, are a money-based, not health-based, industry. Do your research: understand food and its effects on your body. That way, the next time you see a cow pie being marketed as good for you, you can see it for what it really is.

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