For Mom: With Mother’s Day just a week away, consider the top jewelry trends for a can’t-be-beat gift

 By Rebecca Long Pyper

 The day celebrating the woman who fed you, bathed you, read to you and raised you is one week away, and you’ve got to buy a gift.

 No pressure.

 For adult children and husbands alike, shopping for Mother’s Day takes on two different sentiments — and maybe price points too. But regardless of which category you fall into, jewelry is a traditional option that resonates with a lot of ladies, especially when sentimental value is attached.

 “Jewelry is the outward expression of inward emotion,” said Lance Buttars, owner of Molinelli’s Jewelers. “Every piece of jewelry we sell has the possibility to be an heirloom.”

 Jewelry for moms today is all about two things: stackables and building a story. Pandora, the bracelet built on charms with special meaning to the wearer, has had its moment and gave rise to idea of layering on the bangles, but the latest big thing is the stackable Alex and Ani expandable bracelet — “it has taken the country by storm,” Buttars said.

 Women slip on two or three (or eight) of these bracelets, and each carries a charm representing qualities like strength, conquering or courage. The purchase offers some feel-good too; Alex and Ani donates a portion of proceeds to charities.

 Necklaces with pendants are also trending, and for Mother’s Day one option is to choose charms unique to the family’s story. Pendants might carry birthstones or charms referencing sports and activities the kids favor. In this way stackables “build a story in rings or bracelets or pendants,” Buttars said.

 Rings too are a popular gift. Every year Molinelli’s makes a couple mother’s rings, but Buttars warns, “Don’t plan on them being beautiful all the time — mother’s rings are more of a sentimental thing.” That’s because traditionally the gemstones are lined up in the order of the children’s birth, which can produce some less-than-complementary color combinations.

 One way around this is to opt for dainty stackable rings, where each band represents one child and carries only one kind of birthstone all the way around. Mix, match and play with the order for different looks.

 When buying rings in general, some shoppers choose a gemstone with significance to Mom, whether her favorite color or her birthstone. And like roses, every shade of stone “has its own mystery, lure and legend,” Buttars said. For example, sapphires represent wisdom and calm, pearls purity and amethysts royalty. Do your research and find the gem that’ll mean something personal to her.

 Once you’ve decided that, have fun with the design process. “What’s great about rings is there’s so much variety that everyone can have their own style,” Buttars said.

 Have jewelry, will polish:

 Cleaning jewelry can bring back its sparkle — or it can hurt it. “Oftentimes people will think that what’s good at cleaning around the house would be good for jewelry, (and) in some cases they’re correct, but in same cases it could lead to damage,” Buttars said.

 Gems like pearls, opals, amber and turquoise shouldn’t be cleaned in harsh chemicals, specifically concentrates. For most jewelry mild detergent, water and a toothbrush are all that’s needed to get rid of grime and restore shine, though Buttars cautions against soaking organic stones because too much time in the water can weaken cement mountings.

 A monthly professional cleaning works wonders and does not damage rings; it’s also a good time for a pro to check prongs and make sure the jewelry is in tip-top shape.

Stackable bracelets like these are trending for women, who like them for their storytelling capabilities. Photo by Jenny Losee.

Stackable bracelets like these are trending for women, who like them for their storytelling capabilities. Photo by Jenny Losee.

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