Hypnosis for childbirth instruction offered in Pocatello

By Jami Hepworth, Certified Hypnobabies Childbirth Instructor (HCHI)
For the Journal

POCATELLO – Women in Pocatello now have multiple options for Hypnobabies Childbirth hypnosis classes. The Hypnobabies method promises a natural way to achieve easier, more comfortable and joyful childbirth. Some even claim a painless process.

Pocatello now has two teachers certified in the method. Jami Hepworth, a three time Hypno-Mom, is a certified Hypnobabies instructor who recently moved to Pocatello and is now hosting classes from her home. She will be joined by a second Hypnobabies instructor in the fall, Natalie Sue, who took a year off of teaching to have her fourth baby.

The six week, three-hours-per-week program teaches medical-grade hypnosis techniques that enable Hypno-moms to transform the discomfort of birth to pressure, or even pleasurable sensations. The hypnosis techniques used are based off of Gerald Kein’s “Painless Childbirth Program” and are much more than simple guided imagery or relaxation. Hypnobabies uses the same medical hypnosis techniques that people employ when preparing for surgery without any drugs, which is called hypno-anesthesia.

During the labor and delivery process, moms using Hypnobabies are able to walk around freely and have their eyes open throughout – all while staying comfortably in hypnosis. They can be as involved and communicative during birth as they choose to be.

As part of the program, Hypno-Moms listen to two tracks each day. One is 30 minutes long and can be listened to while driving, sleeping, or doing anything else, and helps to deprogram the Hypno-Mom’s mind of negative or fearful attitudes about childbirth. Hypno-Moms also rotate through several different 30 minute tracks each day to be able to learn and practice their hypnosis techniques. These require uninterrupted attention and a fully supported and relaxed posture. The more regularly a Hypno-mom listens, the more comfortable her birth will be – and listening is easy, relaxing, and very enjoyable.

Hypnobabies is the only childbirth hypnosis program that teaches medical-grade hypnosis and is also a complete childbirth education course. This is an important distinction as other natural childbirth programs teach “pain coping” or “pain management” techniques which undermine the Hypno-Moms’ mental programming for an easier and more comfortable birth. The most successful moms who use this program don’t mix it with any other childbirth programs.

The self-hypnosis techniques learned in the program are beneficial for moms and their birth partners throughout pregnancy, in birthing time, and beyond.

Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis program covers not only hypnosis, but also nutrition, exercise, optimal fetal positioning, birth choices, working with your care provider, the stages of birthing time, a full birth-rehearsal, the post partum period, newborn care, breastfeeding and more. Special instruction is also included for how birth partners can assist the Hypno-Mom through birth. Single mothers also use Hypnobabies with great success.

At www.hypnobabies.com, anyone interested can view written and filmed birth stories of Hypno-Moms. On the site, interested parents can also download two free tracks to help determine if hypnosis might be a good fit for them.

Class formats for the Hypnobabies program can vary, depending on the parent’s needs and schedule. Parents can take a group live class with up to six couples per series. They can also choose to order and study on their own with the Home Study Program. Hypno-moms who have completed their home study could additionally pursue the Home Study Advantage course – one three-hour live session with a certified Hypnobabies instructor and the woman’s birth partner. In this three-hour session they do a birth rehearsal and cover an abbreviated combination of live classes 5 and 6.

Important to note is that Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis is a different and distinct childbirth program from the popular HypnoBirthing program. HypnoBirthing.Com does not list any Idaho providers on its website.

However, several Hypnobabies providers offer classes across the state. To find other Hypnobabies instructors in Idaho, check out www.hypnobabies.com, and search “Find a class” under the “classes tab.”

Jami’s website is downtobirth.biz.

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