Introducing the new editor of the family page

By Sarah Glenn

“Let us today talk about our inescapably impossible task of providing every week a first rough draft of history that will never be completed about a world we can never really understand,” ~ Former Washington Post President and Publisher Philip L. Graham.


It’s nice to meet you. My name is Sarah Glenn and I am stepping into the role of Family Editor for the Idaho State Journal. 

You can read more about me and my eight years of journalistic adventures, spanning three continents at this link. I am looking forward to getting acquainted and hearing what I have in common with you.

There is a very specific reason why I’m not including my resume and more about me here: it’s because this page is about you, not me.

I hope what will ink this page moving forward is the first rough draft of what families talk about, dream about and worry about in our community. And I want to get it right.

My inbox and ears are always open.

For my first full day as editor, I want to perform a simple little experiment. Will you help?

Step 1: Go to our Pocatello Parents Facebook Page. Step 2: Write a wall post describing your family’s greatest accomplishment. If you are super hip and tech-savvy, you can use the hashtag #PocatelloFamilies. Kid made the honor roll? Parents celebrate a milestone anniversary? Had a great family vacation? Did your work or church family do something nice for your community? Anything and everything goes. Your accomplishments will then appear on the family page sometime in the month of June, alongside a wealth of other in-depth, analytical and thoughtful coverage of the issues that effect our families.


Over the years, families change. Kids grow up, parents pass on and many of you might (*gasp*) move away from Southeastern Idaho. But when you look back at the scrapbooks of the good times, maybe a page from the Idaho State Journal will be tucked inside. Maybe this page can tell your story.

Will you let me help chronicle a small part of the first rough draft of your history?

Taking on that responsibility as the Family Page editor for your community will be my honor.

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