Man causes concerns at elementary school

By Journal Staff

POCATELLO — Tendoy Elementary School students and their parents were put on alert Monday morning after school officials reported that an older man had attempted to put his arms around a child who was walking to school.

Janice Nelson, Tendoy Elementary School principal, says two children, a boy and a girl, were walking to school along Monte Vista Drive the morning of Sept. 10. As they neared the area of Renee Avenue, an older man on foot approached the children and attempted to put his arms around the boy’s waist. The boy kicked to get away, and he and the girl continued to school where they alerted Tendoy Elementary School staff. The staff immediately contacted Pocatello police and the children’s parents.

Police officers have conducted interviews with the children and investigated the incident in addition to increasing patrols in the area.

On Monday morning, the children were again walking to school when they say they may have seen the man in the area again. The school then sent an email out to parents of Tendoy students about the incident and asked them to be extra aware of people around schools and to report anything suspicious.

Lori Craney, Director of Elementary Education for Pocatello/Chubbuck School District 25, says student safety is the top priority of all the staff at the school and the district and they take the students seriously when they report feeling threatened or endangered.

“We are certainly on alert, and we want the parents to be alert,” Craney says, “We have great SROs (School Resource Officers), and the Pocatello Police Department makes it (student safety) a top priority.”

The man is described as older and about 5’3” tall. If you have any information please call the Pocatello Police Department at 234-6100.

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