Pocatello Sewing School starts clothes care class

By Sarah Glenn

POCATELLO –– Hanna Geshelin believes that we are sending our youth out into the world having lost the art of mending.

That is why Geshelin (who runs Pocatello Sewing School) is starting a class aimed at those first striking out on their own – be it for an LDS mission, military or academic endeavor. The three-hour class will cover how to sew on a button, mend a blouse, patch clothing holes and properly wash and dry various types of clothing. It will also include a basic budgeting primer.

The class came about after years of hearing a lengthly list of clothing care horror stories.

“I think I’ve heard a lot of horror stories because I sew,” Geshelin said. “People come to me and say ‘you know about fabrics, what did I do wrong?’”

Once, a college roommate was rushed to leave the laundromat so Geshelin recalls her packing three washers-worth of laundry into one industrial-sized drier.

“She set it on high heat but it was all polyester,” Geshelin said. “The high heat fixed wrinkled creases permanently in all her clothes. All of her clothes were completely ruined.”

Another friend shared a story of trying to iron a wool skirt. Generally, Geshelin suggests using a pressing bag. This person thought a good old fashioned plastic bag would work just as well.

“Of course the skirt was completely ruined,” Geshelin said.

And while she is not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Geshelin regularly has missionaries from the church visit her and offer to do yard work service projects. In the process of all the yard work, questions about her in-home sewing school generally come up.

“They ask me, ‘Can you mend my pants or sew a button on for me?’,” Geshelin said. “Young adults leaving home for a mission, the military, or college often don’t have the skills to take proper care of their clothing.”

The first workshop will be on June 16 from 6 – 9 p.m. at Pocatello Sewing School, 1342 Jane Street. The cost of the class is $35.

A second class will be offered July 30 from 1:15-4:15 p.m.

The three-hour class will cover simple hand-sewing, mending, sewing on buttons and laundering and ironing clothes.

“Students will leave with useful life skills and a packable sewing kit containing everything they’ll need to keep their clothes in good shape,” Geshelin said.

For more information or to enroll in the class, call 208-240-6807 or text 972-890-5024.

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