Pops of color bring simple changes to small spaces

By Rebecca Hermance
For the Journal

It is fun to shake things up a bit and get a fresh perspective on different spaces in your home. For example, I still love the bright orange wall behind my office desk and shelves, even after living with them for more than three years.  But, I was in the mood for a simple change that would update the space and add some personality. 

The somewhat unlikely pairing of orange and gold has stood out to me lately.  I suppose if gold were on the color wheel, it would be closest to orange and yellow, making it a stand-in analogous color.  For those of you who haven’t studied the color wheel for a while, analogous colors are the ones next to each other on the color wheel.  Pairing analogous colors typically leads to a more harmonious color palette. 

After looking at some examples of orange and gold wallpaper online, I decided I wanted a hand-drawn look.  I opted to paint the gold onto the wall freehand instead of using a stencil.  Since my wall space was only 2.5’ x 3’, I loosely drew the vertical lines with a pencil and angle ruler.  I didn’t measure the spacing because I wanted it varied, some wide and some narrow. 

Next, I used a jar of Martha Stewart Living Metallic Paint in Golden Pearl that I already had.  It is a really soft, frosty champagne gold color.  I took a medium art brush and painted the vertical lines.  Then, I semi-randomly added circles to the lines, stepping back occasionally to make sure they were spaced okay.  After the paint was dry, I went back and touched up some areas where the orange was showing through.  All total, it probably took a little over an hour to complete the project.

Of course, after painting the wall above my desk, I didn’t want to cover it up again with the big round mirror I previously had hanging there. I am leaving the wall open for now, but I am thinking about a very narrow mirror and maybe a few options for pinning up ideas, lists, cards or other items of inspiration.  We will see how that evolves, but for now we are loving the uncluttered wall with its unique design.  The big round mirror has found another happy home in the guest room.

There are many options if you are looking to add some color or personality to a small wall space.  Simply adding a splash of color is an easy place to start, but you don’t have to stop there!  Stencils, stamps, chalkboard paint, dry erase paint, murals, vinyl decals and paint markers are all relatively inexpensive solutions to a plain wall.  A small space is also a great place to showcase a bit of fun wallpaper. 

Don’t be afraid to try something you love in your space.  If you end up not liking it, a bit of paint will easily change it right back to the way it was.  Starting with a small accent wall is just the jumpstart you need to refresh and personalize your home.

Rebecca is a local interior designer, educator and all-around fun mom. Check out more of her projects at UniquelyYouInteriors.com

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