Study: More dad-time with kids equals happier employees

Press Release, Academy of Management

Based on a survey of close to 1,000 working fathers, a paper published February in Academy of Management Perspectives finds that “the more time fathers spend with their children on a typical day, the more satisfied they are with their jobs and the less likely they want to leave their organizations. Further, they experience less work-family conflict and greater work-family enrichment.”

The study continues to suggest that involved fathering is good not only for workers but for their companies “via its positive association with father’s job satisfaction, commitment to their work and lowered intentions to quit.”

Their survey, which was conducted online, involved 970 fathers employed full-time as managers or professionals at four Fortune-500 companies. Averaging 43 years of age, they were more likely than not to work over 46 hours per week, and commanded a mean pay of about $80,000 a year. All were married (about 62 percent to working wives) and all had one or more children younger than 18 years of age. They spent a mean of 2.65 hours with their children on a typical work day (somewhat less than the national average of three hours), and rated the support they got from supervisors on family matters at 3.79 on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).

The authors of the paper found the hours spent with children had “a significant positive effect on job satisfaction, a significant negative effect on job-withdrawal intentions, a significant negative effect on work-family conflict, and a significant positive effect on work-family enrichment.”

The authors of the paper call on employers to recognize that “As men transition from a narrow definition of fatherhood to one that embraces work and family, they must find a happy medium between doing meaningful work and living meaningful lives, so that they can be effective as both workers and caregivers”

For the full text of this study, visit the website for the Academy of Management Perspectives,

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