Study ranks Idaho as one of the worst states for working moms

By Idaho State Journal Staff

A study by a personal finance website found that Idaho is one of the worst U.S. states for working mothers.

According to WalletHub’s “2016’s Best & Worst States for Working Moms,” the Gem State ranked #44 out of 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The methodology used in the study compared three key dimensions: 1) Child Care, 2) Professional Opportunities and 3) Work-Life Balance.

Though Idaho was ranked relatively high under Professional Opportunities (#17) and Work-Life Balance (#12), the state was ranked dead last (#51) for Child Care. The dismal Child Care ranking pushed the Gem State to the bottom 10 overall.

WalletHub also ranked Idaho last in daycare quality (#51), while access to pediatric services was near the bottom at #48. However, total child care costs, which were adjusted for median women’s salaries, were ranked 17th overall.

The study ranked the top 10 states for working moms as follows:

1. Vermont

2. Minnesota

3. Connecticut

4. North Dakota

5. Massachusetts

6. Illinois

7. Wisconsin

8. Colorado

9. Kansas

10. New Jersey

The states ranked at the bottom are:

41. West Virginia

42. New Mexico

43. Georgia

44. Idaho

45. Mississippi

46. Arizona

47. Alaska

48. Louisiana

49. South Carolina

50. Alabama

51. Nevada

The results of the study can be found at