Sugar string balloon Easter craft

Remember making those Easter Egg baskets out of sugar water, string and a balloon back in elementary school? This craft is a timeless classic that you can now pass on to your kids.





Warm water



Blow up the balloon to the size you want your basket to be. Small eggs can be used as ornaments. Large eggs require multiple layers of sugar in order to support their size. Tie a string around the balloon knot so you can hang it to dry.

2. Get a bowl of warm water. It needs to be warm enough to dissolve sugar in, but not so warm that you can’t put your hands in it. Stir in sugar until no more will dissolve. If you don’t have enough sugar in this solution, your egg will not harden, so add sugar until crystals start to settle out. Let the water cool enough to be able to touch.

3. Coat the balloon with the mixture. You and your child can “paint” the balloon with the sugar water mixture with inexpensive paintbrushes purchased at your local craft store. You can also dip pieces of string into the mixture and drape them across the balloon, forming patterns and shapes.

4. Wrap the balloon with string. Use enough string to provide adequate support for the shape.

5. Either dip the Easter egg in the solution or else drip solution over the egg to make certain the string is thoroughly saturated with sugar solution.

6. Suspend the egg from another string until the egg is dry. You may want to put a newspaper or old rag under the balloon to catch the drips.

7. After the balloon dries, pop it and remove it. Drying time depends on how much string you used and the thickness of your sugar water mixture.

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  1. Found this while searching for “string basket craft”

  2. I think this is a very difficult project, but doable. What will happen if I just use Elmer’s glue and colored string and a balloon.?

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